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App: Network Monitor

Published: September 2015

Some network monitoring utilities, when implemented as a Web service, can only test external Web addressed servers. Others implemented as Apps may only test the local network. Some have logging, some do not have log filters. Some have charts. Some limit to a short period (such as 24 hours), some go longer. Some give no choices to the sampling period; others give a few or more choices, but some have a large minimum (5’s or 10’s of minutes, some a half hour). Some have reporting delays. Some are manually triggered and run a short time.

This Network Monitor runs on your Android device, and uses any available network interface. You can use a domain address, or an IP address. It has small and large sampling periods.


No squinting at charts or numbers to see what the current status is. A large colored panel is green or red; if red it lists the failing test(s).

It shows and logs the response times for Pings and/or Http GETs (in ms).


It has histogram charts; these and the text logs can be filtered to just failures, or just successful tests, so you can quickly see what the aggregate data looks like. The log has daily indicators, at midnight.

It can be manually triggered, or repeatedly run. The screen can be locked on, and auto-dim if desired; a progress popup can optionally be displayed during each test iteration. The text font size can be adjusted to better fit each device.


Sites with multiple servers are supported by tracking data per IP address.

The Network Monitor app is Actually Free over at Underground.

See the entry over at B4X.

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