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Almond+ Light Controller App+Widget

App+Widget: Almond+ App+Widget + Notification Drawer!

Published: February 2015

Those who backed the Almond+ by Securifi on Kickstarter, or subsequently purchased it at Amazon (Securifi Almond+ : (3 Minute Setup) Long Range Touchscreen Wireless AC Router / Range Extender + Home Automation Hub), have wished for a Widget to control their devices. Almond+ App+Widget is the first such Widget on the market, specializing in adjustable level lamps.


This Widget allows

  • Selection of 1 Lamp, or a group of lamps at a location, or All Lamps
  • Immediate setting of the selected lamp(s) to one of 6 illumination levels (0, barely on, 25%, 50%, 75% and full on)
  • Click the 12Lab A+ icon to open the App as necessary

Update: And now you can control lamps from the Notification Drawer. When in the Drawer, it operates just like the Widget on the launcher desktop. Launch the App to ‘install’ the Notification. Use the App ‘Settings’ menu to change notification options. Choose whether to use an On Going or dismissible. Choose what priority level is used. Even choose the layout to display (not all layouts will display well on all devices).

The App provides for

  • Changing the Almond+ IP address
  • Login (initial setup)
  • Selecting one or more Lamps
  • Adjusting the lamp(s) to any illumination level from 0% (off) to 100% (full on)

The App at this time is more functional than beautiful, as a functioning Widget was needed post-haste. It is just for controlling lamps, without having to wade through many other devices.


Please update to at least firmware level R070 on your Almond+.

Update: as of March 1 a new portrait layout is available