LeafViz was in released 2017.


This application provides a unique way to review LeafSpy "TripLog" and "TripChrgLog" data. Supports "Live" mode as of version .12, and additional color enhanced displays. A more complete description is available at the linked website.

Review Leaf Spy data directly on Android using this App, or review from a computer on the same network. Also has a provision to download/upload files from/to the device (enable Allow '.../Server' access, IP address is given on the WebServer page. Port is fixed to 5555; request ability to change it if you have a conflict). Use this functionality to download the latest Backup.

TripLog review allows selection of a single trip (via "Sets" control) or the aggregate data in the selected TripLog file ("Sets" = All). The opening view defaults to the most recently selected data file's set. LeafSpy allows the user to partition the data into individually dated files, or aggregate into one file, the latter mode is intended for LeafViz. TripChrgLog review also opens to the most recently selected data file content.

The TripLog view contains several slides, selectable via the slide buttons at the top, or navigate through them using the 'arrow' buttons. Some of the content is still under development. The reason why requires some explanation. LeafSpy collects Cell-Pair data from the approximately 100 cell-pairs that comprise the traction battery pack. This data is collected as a set of values into one file row, however, it takes time to collect the individual samples. While each set collection is occurring, the vehicle demands on the pack can change, due to events such as acceleration, deceleration-regen, and heater/AC ramping up/down. When the 'change' occurs during a cell-pair set collection, the cell-pair individual values become less relatable to each other. As an example, the voltages may begin at approximately 3.8v, then drop or rise by hundreds of millivolts. This causes the LeafSpy display to indicate a large overall cell-pair Max-Min=Difference value that can exceed 100 or even 200mv, potentially misleading the user into worry. LeafViz contains calculations (under development) to mitigate the induced variations.

Live mode periodically updates to include the last few seconds of new data. The set of displays is similar to TripLog's, yet expanded with some new views. Many are now colored and contain reference control lines (dashed).

LeafViz uses an internal webserver (accessible via Server tab), which provides capability to access the webpage based displays from a computer. It also incorporates an embedded visualization package served via a browser. The browser uses the internal webserver. If you have older data previously removed from your device (to a laptop), you can reload this data to be parsed into LeafViz. Upload it into the Leaf Spy folder, and select it from the Maint page for incorporation into the historical data.

The Maint(enance) tab allows for Backup and Restore of the TripLog and TripChrgLog data, and for selection of the active (or historical) Leaf Spy log files.